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chicago beach poloSince Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William earlier this year, we’ve been dying to break out our own party hats a la the Brits. This may just be the right occasion.

And what could be a better occasion than the upcoming Brithish-ish event, Polo on the Beach at North Avenue Beach. Yes a bit of England is making it’s way to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan for a brief stop. It’s an adorable event with imported polo players who are here to show the rest of the world what a good polo player can do.

And naturally there’s a bit of fashion that comes with an old-world event such as this. So we’re all jazzed to dress up a bit, and go for something besides the usual jeans. Saturday evening, October 1, they’re even hosting a best-dressed competition… So put on your best beach polo ensemble and come watch the game. (Hint: players are numbered and N° 3 is always the best player and the one to watch. In case you were interested in looking at more than the outfits of the others in the crowd.)

October 1 & 2, 2011

Tickets start at $20. For more information visit:

www.chicagobeachpolo.com or www.thepololife.com


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shopMeet style blogger turned author, Jessica Quirk this Wednesday, August 24 at 900 N. Michigan Avenue at Julie Watson Style


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You may know her work from the pages of our on-line magazines; the delectable Ms. Sylvia Holden is a deft stylist but this summer she’s branching out and opening arguably Brooklyn’s chicest, low-key bar. We’ve got a recent Marie-Antoinette-esque photoshoot that she styled with her usual eye-catching-double-take panache, and we also chatted with Ms. Sylvia on her soon to open bar, Mary’s Bar.

Let’s talk about this shoot. What was the inspiration?

marieAwebThis shoot was really inspired by Anita Quansah’s neck-pieces. I wanted to feature her work but still have the shoot feel very stylized. Not just a girl in a necklace with pretty hair. I wanted her skin to be translucent as if it could disappear into the backdrop, and also to exaggerate the neck-pieces against her translucence. I wanted the look to conjure Marie Antoinette but not be relevant to only that period. The alternative use of materials really helps achieve that effect. The use of Saran Wrap and Erica Carr our hair and makeup artist and homemade wigs with felt and poly fill are unique and not-period specific. It’s these materials that bring this story into the present.

Do you have a favorite photo from a stylists perspective?

marieAweb2My favorite image is the seated shot with Antoinette’s fuchsia shoes off, holding strawberries in her hands. I just love everything about this shot.

What else have you been up to aside from styling? Rumor has it you’re opening a very, very chic new bar with a couple of other folks…

What made you open a bar?

marieAweb3A couple of things. I have been bartending for years while supporting my art so when Stephanie Markowitz asked me to open a spot with her I said yes. It was that simple! Well, also Stephanie is my dear friend and a hell of a business woman. Stephanie was the GM of the very popular Manhattan bar called Employees Only and is a partner in EO brands a line of mixers coming out of that famous mixologist spot.

How did you pick the name?

marieAweb4Mary’s Bar we had another name in mind, then Stephanie was introducing herself around the neighborhood as the new business owner of the then bar called Smollens and each person she introduced herself to said, ‘Oh you mean Mary’s bar.’ So Mary’s it tis! Plus Mary sounded kinda bad ass. She had seven children and her husband died while the children were very young. The bar was how she raised her family and apparently she ran a good spot from what the locals say.

Tell us about how you picked the location and the space?

Mary’s Bar is located on a corner lot on 22nd Street and 5th Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood, South Slope. In addition to being in a great spot, the bar has potential outdoor seating, too. We’re working the details out as I speak.

marieweb5Inside Mary’s Bar will feature a classic décor juxtaposed with a rugged urban edge. We’ve uncovered the original tin ceiling and will complement it with vintage lighting throughout. There’s a 28-foot bar that will be beautifully refurbished and the room will have a wrap-around banquette, darts & a pool table. A massive jewel of a back bar, fabricated out of reclaimed mirror and dark wood shelves will be stocked to the brim. It will feel like someplace you have been a million times and then again like no place you have ever been before.

A mood board for Mary’s Bar

What’s the menu, i.e. big cocktail program? wine-focused? craft-beers?

Really we are looking to be an awesome neighborhood bar with booze for all from Johny Walker to Knob Creek, 12 beers on tap and ice cold cans of beer. A Beautiful Saloon with a romantic urban edge. Perhaps its the French quarter meets the lower East side. My objective in designing the space is to make it relatable to everyone.

What’s your drink?

I like a Campari with a twist this time of year. I am a seasonal drinker!

How about the decor? How much of it are you doing yourself?

marieaweb6I am designing this space. It was completely gutted and I am designing and sourcing every detail. I could not be doing it without Stephanie though who is making certain that I don’t make some pretty thing that does not function.

Will you be styling photoshoots in the bar anytime soon?

The minute we open! I cant wait to dress people in a set I have created.

When will you be opening, already?

Early August!

Photo credits:

The team is Adrian Buckmaster on photography, Heather Hayes on muse, Erica Carr on makeup and Sylvia Holden on styling.


Anita Quansah Londons embellished studded fringed necklace (Nara)

Anita Quansah Londons tribal fabric, bead and chain necklace (Nava)

Anita Quansah Londons braided necklace with hand-painted Indian birds (Orion)
Anita Quansah Londons knotted multi-chain fringed necklace (Khans)



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We try a nano-tech masque that’s eradicating summer skin woes

sellaWe love sussing out the gem products and lines that aren’t super well known and we have a cool masque for summer. The all-natural skin care line, Sella has recently come to our attention for their science-driven, and yet completely natural volcanic ash masque. While we’ve been pining for warm weather all winter and even spring, now that it’s finally here, the downside has also cropped up: excess oils, clogged pores, acne, the whole shebang. But this is where Sella comes to the rescue and right about now, we’re digging the smooth and clear skin the masque leaves in its wake.

Sella Skincare was created in South Korea by Mr. Lim Dae Mvan treated the burns of a young child by using high concentrations of selenium and other natural products. This proved incredibly effective when combined with nano-technology, which reduces particles to 10-100 nanometers. This reduced size allows the products to penetrate the skin more effectively. A combination of minerals extracted from the volcanic ash are combined with elements like Magnesium, Calcium and Iron as well as Green Mud to maximize penetration of pores. In addition to helping clear up skin, fine lines and wrinkles fade as the masque draws toxins out from the skin, inspiring cell turnover.


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WWLN: Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Age Repair Body Lift

osmoticsSummer is officially here, which means the countdown to getting your body swimsuit ready is officially over. In case you never went on the diet you had planned to start back in March, or you didn’t make it to as many Zumba classes as you thought you would, don’t worry there’s still hope. Osmotics’ Blue Copper 5 Age Repair Body Lift is the ultimate 3-in-1 anti-aging body treatment that helps promote skin elasticity to firm the three big B’s—belly, bust and behind. Combining Osmotics Cosmeceuticals’ active copper with biopeptides, growth factors and unique plant extracts designed specifically for the body, this luxurious cream improves skin texture, stimulates collagen synthesis and helps prevent and reduce stretch marks up to 72%. The silky, aqua color is reminiscent of the ocean waves, and we promise that after a few applications, you’ll be ready to jump right in. ($95 at www.osmotics.com)

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Batter Up!

courtneyakaiIf I were stuck on a deserted island and you asked me what one of my must-have products would be, I would definitely say mascara. So, you can only imagine my surprise, when I discovered that I actually no longer needed my magic wand. That was the day I met Christian Zamora of Courtney Akai Lash Boutique, who has forever changed my makeup bag staples. Christian’s talent has touched the faces of Katie Holmes and Brooklyn Decker, and now yours’ truly, when he meticulously applied my eyelash extensions, using a mix of synthetic, silk and mink, one by one. His brilliant, artistic skills doubled their length and thickness I walked out the door with full, lush lashes, that looked so natural you would have thought it was just good genes. Thanks to Christian, my now fabulous lashes no longer need to hide under a coat of mascara. So, when I got home from my appointment that afternoon, I tossed the tube out. And, a month later, I’m happy to report that they’re still going strong.


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Three spot-on accessories put a spring in our step, even if the weather isn’t cooperating

springsummermustSpring is here, believe it or not, and despite the chilly temperatures, we’re putting on a happy face and stepping out . These three basics are our faves and a fun way to cajole spring into our lives.

1. Charlotte Frame bag by Cynthia Rowley. Big and bright, this bag is perfect for storing everything and anything. The punchy color looks equally great with spring’s nautical stripes or a classical trench.

2. Oliver Peoples sunglasses. The sheer zebra print adds panache and the frame shape is perfect for highlighting cheekbones.

3. Paul & Joe’s G Lipgloss in sherbet. We love the nude color that adds a shimmer for a glimmering, pale pout.


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WWLN: Spectacular Hair at the Met Ball; We’ve Got the How-to

metballIt was an exciting Monday night for fashion as A-listers attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala Ball to celebrate the opening of the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit. While the fashion was nothing short of fabulous, the hair and makeup on the red carpet were spectacular as well.

Read on for the behind the scenes scoop on how stylists from Sally Hershberger Downtown created the looks for Crystal Renn and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Stylist Mike Viggue of Sally Hershberger Downtown created a dramatic updo to compliment Crystal Renn’s show-stopping black gown. His secret: he pulled her hair up and over a specially made pin cushion to give the modern twist its height!

1. Beginning with dry hair, Viggue loaded Renn’s hair with Shu Uemera Art of Hair Ample Angora Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends.

2. With a pick comb, he gave Renn a deep side part and gently back combed the side to be twisted.

3. Placing the pin cushion high on her head, Renn’s hair was pulled up and over the cushion to create a pompadour-like shape. Securing with pins as he went, Viggue wrapped the hair over the pin cushion which stretched to the back of Renn’s head, ending just behind her right ear.

4. Viggue tamed frizz with SALON by Sally Hershberger Mineral Cream and set the style with hair spray.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s glitzy Stella McCartney gown was perfectly balanced by her effortlessly chic ‘do. Stylist Rebekah Forecast of Sally Hershberger Downtown opted for a style that was simple and modern, emphasizing Maggie’s natural texture. Follow this simple how-to to get the look from home:

1. Beginning with dry hair, use a texturizing product from roots to ends. Rebekah recommends SALON by Sally Hershberger Texture Blast.

2. If you have a natural wave, use a diffuser on your whole head to gently set the product and create texture. If you don’t have a natural wave, use a curling iron a few inches away from your roots to bulk up texture.

3. Loosely pull back all your hair into a high ponytail. The look should be soft, don’t pull it back too tight!

4. Back comb the ponytail gently before wrapping it around your band to create a bun. Secure with pins.

5. Finish with hairspray. Rebekah recommends Shu Uemera Art of Hair Sheer Lacquer.

The exhibit will be open to the public May 4-July 31. Although I won’t be walking up the stairs of the Met in a gown, I do plan on having an exciting Monday night there amongst the fabulous fashion, with spectacular hair of my own.

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WWLN: TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System

temptuThink airbrushing is just for magazine covers? Think again! You can get ready for your own cover shoot right at home with TEMPTU’S AIRbrush Makeup System. Even though I’m far from tech savvy, I was able to apply my foundation , bronzer and blush in a snap (literally!). Following the simple instructions, I snapped on and off the different makeup air pods and adjusted the air pressure dial until I got my desired coverage. The system gave me such a flawless application that I found myself doing a double take in the mirror before dashing out the door to meet my friends. Although the only camera bulbs that would be flashing that night were my own, I definitely felt picture perfect. ($225 at Sephora.com, makeup sold separately).

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Cynthia Rowley is doing menswear for fall 2011

menswearcynthiarowley1Launching in fall of 2011, with what we hope will be her signature panache, Cyntia Rowley is doing a menswear separates line, Mr. Powers. Jackets, shirts, and accessories will range from $95 to $595. With Mr. Powers she’s embracing a whole new theory of fashion styling centered on the concept that men dress most creatively from the waist up.

Cynthia explained, “We’re only doing tops, no pants, because we think everything looks better with jeans—and guys already have their favorite jeans.” Amen, sister. The fun, but still masculine and rugged tops and accessories will doubtlessly be swooped up by girlfriends eager to help their man with his style or lack-thereof. We’re looking forward to seeing the actual Mr. Power’s Collection.

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