2 Apr

Golf Apparel Buying Tips

Golf apparel has changed a lot since the sport was first played. During the early days of the game, it was not uncommon to see a man playing while wearing a skirt. Kilts are commonly accepted wear for Scotsmen who play golf and still are today. However, guys can’t wear kilts on golf courses anymore; at least most of them anyway, since a lot of them have very strict guidelines.


It may not seem much at first, but wearing the proper attire is a very important part of golf etiquette. Some of the most luxurious, exclusive, and private country clubs won’t allow a person to play on their course without being dressed in the right clothes. Getting the right golf apparel is no rocket science.

Below are a few basic tips that can help with getting the right clothes.
Tops for playing golf

Before choosing which clothes to buy, a person really needs to familiarize themselves with the protocols of dressing up in golf. There are a few general rules that people need to learn about if they aren’t already familiar with them.

When it comes to the top, most people already know about the polo shirt. Most adults already have these hanging around in their closet somewhere since most casual business settings use this kind of shirt. This is fine for those who are just about to try the game. Beginners aren’t chastised for wearing something like this.

Those who want to take the game more seriously and improve their performance will have to buy special clothes. These clothes were made for comfort and afford golfers with a great range of motion. Golf apparel might be expensive, but the improvements that it can give a player are well worth the asking price.

Bottoms for playing golf

More often than not, whether it’s a male or a female golfer, golfers will wear twill slacks since it’s the generally accepted and recommended wear on the green. New players who don’t want to spend any amount of cash can wear khaki pants if they already have a pair.

Denim pants are allowed on some courses, but are generally not recommended. Wearing denim is seen as a shibboleth that a person is a casual or novice golfer who has yet to take the game seriously. The reason behind this is that jeans can be quite tight. The restriction in motion is what makes jeans less than ideal for golf play.

Golf-ApparelLong pants that have cuffs are also discouraged by most golfers. The reason behind this is that the cuffs will usually catch a lot of dirt.

Shorts are generally accepted, especially in golf courses with a warm climate. The rule of thumb is that the shorts should be cut just slightly above the knee. A belt should also be worn regardless of whether the golfer is wearing a pair of pants or shorts.

Women are afforded the liberty to wear skirts. However, this does not mean that girls can wear any kind of skirt that they want. The etiquette on golf apparel dictates that the skirt can’t be too revealing.

Other accessories

Some people also like to add a few accessories to the outfit that they wear on the green. It’s generally recommended to look at accessories as some form of practical aid. Example, a player who wears a sun visor or sunglasses during a cloudy day would probably look ridiculous to other people.

Those who want to learn more about what golf accessories can help improve their game can simply look for more information on the internet or check out their nearest sporting goods store for some tips. Golf apparel and accessories may not be at the top of the golfer’s list of priorities, but it’s something that they can’t just simply take off the list.